Thursday, February 13, 2014

New genetic regions related with type 2 diabetes

According to the world’s largest study based on genetics confirms seven new genetic areas that could be related with the type 2 diabetes. For this particular research, DNA data was collected from 48,000 patients along with139, 000 healthy people. The research further involved scientist from 20 countries on four continents. The research also points out that increasing genetic data will help them to map genes that could be implicated in type 2 diabetes. One of the co-researcher, Professor Mark McCarthy from the University of Oxford explains, “One of the striking features of these data is how much of the genetic variation that influences diabetes is shared between major ethnic groups. This has allowed us to combine data from more than 50 studies from across the globe to discover new genetic regions affecting risk of diabetes. The overlap in signals between populations of European, Asian and Hispanic origin argues that the risk regions we have found to date do not explain the clear differences in the patterns of diabetes between those groups.”

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