Monday, March 24, 2014

Alcohol’s role in traffic deaths goes underreported

Excessive alcohol is harming society in all possible ways. The deaths due to drinking and driving have been increased by a big number. According to a research published in Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs has brought a worrying issue that states that traffic deaths caused due to alcohol goes unreported on death certificates in U.S. From the year 1999 and 2009, around 450,000 Americans were killed in the accidents. But there death certificates do not mention alcohol as cause of their death. The researchers throw light on importance of the situation and urges that the correct reason should be mentioned on the death certificate. One of the researchers, Ralph Hingson, Sc.D., of the U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism explains, “We need to have a handle on what's contributing to the leading cause of death among young people. You want to know how big the problem is, and if we can track it. Is it going up, or going down? And what policy measures are working?”

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