Saturday, March 1, 2014

ALS Progression May Be Slow Down By High-Calorie Feeding

The number of calories a patient consumes may increase his life and survival period. This is true. By increasing the number of consumed calories a patient suffering from the ALS may increase his survival period and decrease risk of life. Massachusetts General Hospital led the new clinical trial of phase 2. According to this trail physicians observed that patients consuming high carbonate, tube form of feeding and high calories survives better than the patients who are receiving limited amount of calories in terms of maintaining weight. The author of the story is quite optimistic about the recovery and improved survival period of ALS patients. MD Anne-Marie Wills of the MGH Department of Neurology and Neurological Clinical Research Institute stated that “We are particularly excited because these results provide the first preliminary evidence that a dietary intervention may improve life expectancy in ALS, and they are strongly supported by epidemiological and animal data,". In her corresponding paper she further initiated "This strategy has never been tested before in ALS, and we are optimistic that it may provide a new, effective and inexpensive therapy for this devastating illness."

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