Saturday, March 1, 2014

Anti-retroviral therapy: Find working and impact of it on HIV cell-to-cell transmission

According to the study published few days before stated that Pathogens tested some anti-HIV medicines and their ability to compress the cell to cell transmission capability of virus in the body. The study observes the differences among the HIV drugs and their implementation and curing process. These drugs are effective and provide better results in comparison to the old drugs of this infection. Walther Mothes, Luis Agosto, and their colleagues, from Yale University, USA, set up an experiment to determine efficiency of new medicines over old medicines. The model of experiment covers two analysis direct cell to cell transfer and cell free transfer. These models explain the spread of infection of HIV in body. The lead study author stated that "highly effective drug regimens, either single or in-combination therapies, must exhibit MOI independence." He further moved to proposing for new medicine, "Testing the effectiveness of antiretroviral inhibitors against increasing MOI provides a simple assay and a valuable tool for screening existing and novel drugs and future drug combinations prior to clinical testing."

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