Saturday, March 1, 2014

Novel Therapeutic Targets Discovery for the Huntington's disease

Huntington disease and its impacts are covered in the study conducted by Boston University School of Medicine. The researchers state that Micro RNAs is essential for proper regulation of genes in body. These miRNAs are present in high quantity in the body and lead to the decline of neurologic decline and possibly infect therapeutic target Leady author of the research Richard Myers stated that "The genes which these miRNAs regulate also had increased levels, indicating that this gene expression, indicating that these gene products were likely targeted for storage and for possible future use within the brain cell, rather than for destruction. When we experimentally increased the expression of the microns in model nerve cells designed to replicate the conditions of HD, the cells lived longer, indicating that these miRNAs may promote cell survival,” DR. Richard Myers is professor of neurology at BUSM and PhD degree holder. The end conclusion of this author reflect that these new researches in genes may help in therapeutic targets in HD

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