Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Study Proposed Alternative View of Type 2 Diabetes

Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of double-Helix DNA structure James D. Watson at the age of 85 years continue to inmate his ideas for motivating new scientific research. His new theory is on the diabetes of type 2 phase. This hypothesis was published online in the medical journal named The Lancet. Deficiency which occurs in human body may infect him from many diseases. These deficiencies are over-come by regular exercise. According to the hypothesis published in The Lancet U.S 1 March print edition. Human body suffering from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementias and some other form of cancer are directly linked to the generation of Bio oxidants. Watson further argues on the role of regular exercise as remedy of this kind of decency. Dr. Watson says, on ubiquitous view of diabetes type 2," "is that an excess of intracellular oxidation causes inflammation, which in turn kills cells in pancreatic tissue."

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