Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bilingual Kids - Are they extra open minded?

Clear benefits and advantages are mentioned for raising a bilingual kid, but there are few things which are learnt as a second language do not create like an extra open minded child? It is presented by the new researchers from Concordia University that, similar to monolingual and bilingual children who prefer to intermingle with those who talk their native language with a native accent rather than with friends who has foreign pronunciation. According to the study published in Journal Frontiers in Psychology and assisted by Psychology professors Krista Byers –Heinlein and Diane Poulin- Dubois that kids who talk one language like to intermingle with those who contribute to their native pronunciation of the language. To the point, the child participants were questioned to the faces they like to prefer to make a friend and most of them reacted to their native accent. According to Byers Heinlein, “ Kids tend to prefer to interact with people who are like them, and might perceive an accent as the mark of an outsider.”

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